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Wide Sky Group at work

Wide Sky Group strives for quality in all its facets. Quality apparel which people love to wear. Quality knowledge and experience that our clients can rely on. Quality relationships from factory worker to client. Our clients are retailers whose customers wear their garments with pleasure and come back for more.

We build strong relationships with our clients and work closely with them. Years of experience means that we often anticipate what our clients want. Many of them provide us with basic designs, colour schemes and mood boards. We do the rest. We work with experienced designers and stylists who turn the ideas of our clients into attractive commercial collections. We have more than 20 years industry experience and attend all the major fashion exhibitions. We always know what will sell and we make sure that these styles are in our clients’ retail outlets fast. We will have the garments made and transported either to your door or delivered on a FOB basis.

We also build strong relationships with everyone along the entire supply chain. Wide Sky Group China sources materials and accessories, and manages the production, capacity and planning process, liaising closely with our factories in China, Bangladesh and Cambodia. We carry out quality control and quality assurance on location in factories during production. Our office in China reports to Wide Sky Group the Netherlands on progress every day.


Wide Sky Group’s has an office in the Netherlands, perfectly placed to serve its customers.

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Wide Sky Group, the reliable partner for private label fashion retailers

Our certifications


This is a simple and effective way of managing ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain. It allows members to store, share and report on information on four key areas:
Labour Standards - Health & Safety - The Environment - Business Ethics.
Our report nr. is SHCJ27246-01

Responsible Down Standard

We are happy to mention that we have been awarded with the RDS registration and certificate C834689-02.2015. This certificate ensures that down and feathers used in our products are sourced from responsibly treated geese, ducks, or other waterfowl, and tracks the material through the supply chain.

Business Social Compliance Initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility.
We have worked according to BSCI standards since 2008, when we founded our own Factory in Xinji city in China. You can check the latest audit on the BSCI website. Our DBID nr is 17860

Global Recycling Standard