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The Company

Wide Sky Group is the reliable private labelling partner for fashion retailers. We have more than twenty years of solid experience in supplying the items that retailers know will sell. Wide Sky Group believes in quality. Quality apparel which people love to wear. Our clients are retailers whose customers wear their garments with pleasure and come back for more. Our clients are recognised retail brands, large chain stores and department stores.

We manage the logistics from sourcing to delivery, making sure that our clients get what they ordered in the agreed time-frame. Just give us the colour palette and the design and we will source the fabrics, accessories and anything else that a garment needs. We will have the garment made and transported either to your door or delivered on a FOB basis. We know everyone throughout our supply chain personally, so we can guarantee quality and supply. We know where every button is in the supply chain, from the order to the time it reaches our client. We do not need to troubleshoot – we get it right the first time.

Wide Sky Group now has an office located in the Netherlands. As Europe is a major growing market, the company established an office in the Netherlands to be close to our clients in Europe and serve them better. Outside the Netherlands, Wide Sky Group has a large office in China which sources materials and accessories, and controls overseas production in China, Bangladesh and Cambodia. Wide Sky Group has its roots in the Nanjing Running Garments Co. Ltd.

Wide Sky Group, the reliable partner for private label fashion retailers

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