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Please contact the office in Voorschoten, the Netherlands for information.


Wide Sky Fashion B.V.

Rouwkooplaan 5
2251 AP Voorschoten
The Netherlands
+31 71 5601 655

Wide Sky Fashion B.V. can help with:

The design and sourcing processes of Wide Sky Fashion are supported and automated by the state of the art WFX PLM / PDM Product Development Collaboration Platform. Successfully implemented in co-operation with PLM expert ProductStream based in The Netherlands.


Nanjing Running Garments, Nanjing, China

This office employs about 65 people and was founded in 2001. It has large sales, sourcing and merchandising departments, QA/QC department and financial and logistics department. It uses its own ERP system containing a large database.

Nanjing Running Garments is responsible for:


Wide Sky Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

This service office carries out sourcing for factories; follow-up; and quality control. The team consists of a Chinese expat who has lived in Dhaka for 10 years and local QC people.

Wide Sky Group Dhaka


China Sampling Center, Danyang, China

A sample section specialised in making padded jacket samples. Employs with about 30 machine operators and has 45 well equipped machines and pattern masters.


Xinyi Running Garments, Xinyi, China

A modern factory founded in 2006 with about 250 operators. It mainly produces jackets with and without padding. The factory works according to the latest Social Compliances.

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Janda Garments MFG Co. Ltd., Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Our newest factory, located in beautiful Sihanoukville in Cambodia. The factory’s daily management is in Chinese hands. It is mainly used to make woven bottoms.

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Our certifications


This is a simple and effective way of managing ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain. It allows members to store, share and report on information on four key areas:
Labour Standards - Health & Safety - The Environment - Business Ethics.
Our report nr. is SHCJ27246-01

Responsible Down Standard

We are happy to mention that we have been awarded with the RDS registration and certificate C834689-02.2015. This certificate ensures that down and feathers used in our products are sourced from responsibly treated geese, ducks, or other waterfowl, and tracks the material through the supply chain.

Business Social Compliance Initiative

Corporate Social Responsibility.
We have worked according to BSCI standards since 2008, when we founded our own Factory in Xinji city in China. You can check the latest audit on the BSCI website. Our DBID nr is 17860

Global Recycling Standard